insitu sessions volume 5
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Insitu Sessions Volume 5
Insitu Sessions Volume 5
Insitu Sessions Volume 5

Compilation of works performed at the April 30th 2017 Insitu Session at Sanggar Kembang Ceraki, Desa Beraban, Kec. Tabanan, Bali.

The fifth volume in our ongoing Insitu Sessions series, recorded at Sanggar Kembang Ceraki in Desa Beraban, Tabanan, features an international lineup of artists whose contributions exhibit diverse compositional strategies, textures, and ensemble configurations. From the sparse and abstract to the accessible and familiar, this collection covers the widest sonic pallete in the series to date. Highlights include Kawamura Koheysai’s stirring vocals on Hoshi Wo Mite Nemurimasyo, Yan Priya Kumara Janardhana’s elaborate Perspektif, inspired by the late I Wayan Lotring’s Gambang Kuta, and I Gusti Made Darma Putra’s evocative melodies in Turning Back Time, performed on gender wayang.

duration: 44 min. 28 sec.
format: .WAV .MP3 (audio) .MP4 (video)

Will also be available on CD and DVD in select locations. Click here for details.

Title Composer(s)
Hoshi Wo Mite Nemurimasyo Kawamura Koheysai
Keselarasan Abu Laurent Bellemare
Perspektif Yan Priya Kumara Janardhana
Ganjur I Komang Winantara
Depresi I Made Mondana
Turning Back Time I Gusti Darma Putra
Semut I Nyoman Adi Suardita
Langit Biru Ni Made Ayu Dwi Sattvitri
extended notes
Track 1 - Hoshi Wo Mite Nemurimasyo
The concept for this piece comes from a lullaby used to help babies fall asleep. It is written using a 6/8 meter, an aspect common in many Asian musical styles, although notably absent from traditional Balinese music. The composition synthesizes Japanese and Balinese musical structures.
Composer Kawamura Koheisai (Kohey)
Vokal Kawamura Koheisai (Kohey)
Terompong I Gede Putu Gita Kumara Putra (Gestok)
  I Putu Gede Sukaryana (Balot)
Jegog Kadek Agung Krisna Maha Yana (Agung)
  I Wayan Andi Pratama (Andik)
Jublag I Made Priadi Sentosa (Dek Pri)
  I Made Alit Widiarsana (Alit)

Track 2 - Keselarasan Abu
This piece was meant to be an embryo, a first attempt to a simple idea: to create microtonal music for gamelan instruments. As a foreigner with western ears, gamelan sounds like it allows many possibilities if one combines the scales of different instrument sets. I tried to find similar pitches on diverse types of gamelan and center my choice of notes around those. However, intuition was eventually going to take over the former idea. The result makes me think of vanishing into uncomfortable and foggy harmonies. Three musicians, three different scales, three sections, three minutes.
Composer Laurent Bellemare (Loreng)
Instruments selonding gong and kempul (4 pieces), gender wayang (2 pieces), gangsa gong kebyar (2 pieces).
Musicians  I Putu Arya Deva Suryanegara (Arya)
  Daniel Kohane (Dan)
  Liani Rosinha (Liani)

Track 3 - Perspektif
Inspired by the piece Gambang Kuta by I Wayan Lotring, this composition re-orients the musician’s perspectives of the principal melody into various meters as a means of studying polyrhythm.
Composer Yan Priya Kumara Janardhana (Janu)
Musicians I Wayan Ari Widyantara (Arik Pejeng)
  I Putu Wahyu Andika (Wahyu)
  I Komang Winantara (Mang Win)
  I Wayan Situbanda (Banda)
  I Wayan Yudi Artha (Yudi)
  I Nyoman Resa Angga Nurbawa (Mang Angga)

Track 4 - Ganjur
Ganjur is a concatenation of the words gangsa and kenyur, and refers to the composer’s efforts in adapting the soft sounds of the kenyur instrument onto several gangsa instruments.
Composer I Komang Winantara (Mang Win)
Musicians Putu Ayong Crisnanda Wahyu Kusuma
  I Wayan Yogi Eko Martika
) I Putu Wahyu Andika
  I Wayan Gede Surya Adi Putra

Track 5 - Depresi
Depresi, or depression, is a mental health condition that affects our thoughts, feelings, mood and how we approach daily activities. While experiencing depression we feel prolonged sadness, loss of hope and motivation, negative emotions, and personal guilt. Depression can persist for a long time and can even cause someone to go crazy.
Composer I Made Mondana (Mon)
Group #NAGi
Musicians Nyoman Astadi Jaya Pramana (Mang Adi)
  I Made Agus Tara (Agus Tara)
  I Ketut Andre Aldi Wijaya (Andre)
  I Gusti Nyoman Barga Sastrawadi (Barga)

Track 6 - Turning Back Time
This concept for this composition is that of a long journey that eventually returns to its point of origin. The music features a combination of experiments began 5 years ago that have finally come to fruition in the present.
Composer I Gusti Made Darma Putra (Gunk Ade)
Instruments 2 gender wayang
Dancer I Putu Sutresna
  I Gusti Made Darma Putra (Gunk Ade)

Track 7 - Semut
A large city generates many complex soundscapes, made up of the sounds of animals, vehicles, humans and many other things. There are sounds in the smallest of spaces. Even a swarm of ants unseen produces sounds that can be heard and produce emotional response in a listener at a close-enough distance.
Composer I Nyoman Adi Suardita (Jaya Nyomane)
Instruments 4 kantilan semara pegulingan, 2 kantilan gender wayang
Musicians I Nengah Raditya
  I Gede Arysthapriana Wirawan
  I Wayan Adi Krisnayana
  Putu Apri Tiarsana

Track 8 - Langit Biru
This composition is inspired by the blue sky, which represents a deep and exhaustive knowledge. Through all its stages, day and night, rain and dry heat, the sky will always return to its blue color. The music features unique rhythmic patterns that accentuate the tuning of the gender wayang instrumentation.
Composer Ni Made Ayu Dwi Sattvitri (Sattvitri)
Musicians Ni Made Ayu Dwi Sattvitri (Sattvitri)
  I Putu Gede Dharma Utama
  I Putu Prakash Narendra Putra A.
  I Kadek Agus Pusaka Adi Putra

Recording Session Credits
Recorded at Sanggar Kembang Ceraki, Desa Beraban, Kab. Tabanan, Bali on April 30th 2017.
Recording/Photos/Videos Jonathan Adams (Jonathan)
  Yan Priya Kumara Janardhana (Janu)
  I Putu Arya Deva Suryanegara (Arya)
  I Putu Gede Sukaryana (Balot)

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