sekar krobok
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Sekar Krobok
Sekar Krobok (single)

Composition by Zachary Hejny (Zach)

Performed by Naradha Gita Entertainment (#NAGi) of Desa Kerobokan, Kab. Badung
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Title Track Description
Sekar Krobok Selonding/Reong/Gender/Jublag
extended notes
Track 1 - Sekar Krobok
Sekar Krobok is inspired by the Balinese onomatopoeia krobok, which is associated with the sound of splashing or sloshing liquids. Balinese friends told me it referred to the sound of a rumbling stomach, footsteps in the mud, boiling water, or even the sound of blood bubbling out of victims’ bodies after a battle that took place in the vicinity of present day Desa Kerobokan.

The sonic character of the expression krobok-krobok forms the composition’s underlying sonic palette and the structure of the piece embodies the life cycle of a lotus flower rising from the mud. The piece includes instruments from two gamelan tuning systems, that of the seven-tone Selonding (Tenganan) and various ensembles that utilize a five-tone tuning system often referred to as selendro (in this case gender, terompong, and jublag from a five-tone angklung ensemble). The aim was to bring out the unfamiliar or even “dirty” via a combination of contrasting pitch and timbre aggregates.

The first section of the piece symbolizes the flower in seed form. The energy begins focused in two alternating pitches traded throughout the ensemble, however, as the energy rises the piece becomes increasingly complex. The transition to the second section reveals the flower stem hatching from its seed case. The mud is expressed in a microtonal interlocking melody played by selonding instruments and a counterpoint performed on a pair of gender, from which I imagine the emerging flower struggling to free itself from the thick mud. Eventually it succeeds and “dances” in the fresh air. At the end of the piece the flower dies. As it wilts a new seed embeds itself in the mud and the process begins again.

Sekar Krobok was commissioned by Naradha Gita Entertainment (#NAGi) of Desa Kerobokan, Kab. Badung and recorded in December 2015.
Komposer Zachary Hejny (Zach)
Group Naradha Gita Entertainment #NAGi
Kecek I Putu Arya Deva Suryanegara
Gender Ni Wayan Ria Andayani (Ria)
  I Putu Suwandika
Ugal (selonding) I Made Agus Tara
Penyonyong (selonding) I Made Putra Antara
Penyong Alit (selonding) I Gede Hery Sudarma
Jegog (selonding) I Putu Arya Sanjaya Putra
  Nyoman Astadi Jaya Pramana
Reong (selendro) Anak Agung Mahendra Putra
  I Nyoman Suardika
  I Ketut Andre Aldi Wijaya
Jublag (selendro) I Nyoman Gili Mahendra Putra
  I Nyoman Ad Saputra
Kendang I Made Mondana
  I Nyoman Joko Prasetya Adi Saputra
Recording Credits
Recorded in Pura Dalem Krobokan, Kab. Badung, Bali on the 13th of December 2015.
Direkam Jonathan Adams dan I Putu Gede Sukaryana (Balot)
about the artist
Zachary Hejny (Zach)
Zachary Hejny (Zach)
Zachary Hejny is a musician and composer from California specializing in the exploration of unconventional tunings, rhythm, and noise. He has studied composition at the University of California Berkeley (BA) and ISI Denpasar (M.Sn), and is currently working towards a doctorate degree in composition at the University of California Santa Cruz.
Location San Fransisco, California, USA
Phone +62 81 936 123 892
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