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Composed by I Putu Gede Sukaryana (Balot)

Performed by members of Sanggar Ceraken, Desa Batuyang, Kab. Gianyar.

extended notes
Track 1 - Sinrong
Sinrong is a blend of two words, namely Sin (Balinese - Isin), which means contents, and Rong, meaning space. Sinrong is an exploratory composition that takes advantage of the gaps and spaces between the notes and rhythms of an already established piece.

I Wayan Lotring (almahrum) was highly admired for his proficiency in Gender Wayang. THus, when I was asked to prepare a piece for a tribute to the late Lotring this played a part in my decision to explore one of his works for the ensemble. The piece, called Sekar Ginotan, is a common piece in the Gender Wayang repertoire, but the version I consulted was played by Lotring himself on a recoding made in the 1920s, which is available on the Bali 1928 series. In addition to exploring the gaps and spaces in the original piece, Sekar Ginotan was also transforemed by adapting and applying elements from the system of North Indian classical music known as Vilambit Laya. By utilizing two gender wayang instruments, two kantilan Semar Pagulingan and two pemade Gong Kebyar I hoped to represent the many gamelan that influenced the artistic journey of the great Guru Lotring.
Compoer I Putu Gede Sukaryana (Balot)
Instrument Gender/Pemade Gong Kebyar/Kantilan SemarPegulingan
Gender I Made Bayu Puser Bumi (Bayu)
  I Wayan Purwwangsa Negara (Wawan)
Pemade Gong Kebyar/Kantilan Semar Pegulingan I Kadek Tunas Sanjaya (Emon)
  I Made Winantara (Boy)
about the artist
I Putu Gede Sukaryana (Balot)
I Putu Gede Sukaryana (Balot)
I Putu Gede Sukaryana, better known as Balot, began to take gamelan seriously at the age of 15. Early in life he couldn't imagine being a professional musician but this all began to change when he enrolled at the well-known high school of performing arts SMK 3 Sukawati (KOKAR)). After graduation he continued his studies at ISI Denpsasar where he became aware that a career as a full-time musician might be possible. Today, he struggles to separate music from other aspects of his life, as it consumes many of his professional and personal activities. To other aspiring gamelan musicians he offers this advice: "As artists we need to remain open in our thinking. Gamelan is just one of a thousand other musics, and if music is so broad then we must be open to all of it or we will fail to recognize this for ourselves."
Location Br. Batugaing Kaja, Desa Beraban, Kec. Kediri, Kab. Tananan, Bali
Phone +62 81 805 560 592
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